2017 List of Shame

First confession, I’m still trying to finish a list from two years ago so I’m going to ask other writers here to call me out on Twitter when I don’t manage to do one of these a month. I’m going to be flexible with this updated list and amend it depending on what’s available or if there’s something else I want to write about. Right now there’s a distinctly Italian flavour, but for the moment this will be my twelve.

  1. Blithe Spirit – Written by Noel Coward and directed by David Lean. Enough said.
  2. Berlin alexanderplatz – Making my way through Fassbinder’s TV series right now and by Christ does it feel prescient with its story of an embittered middle-aged failure embracing the rise of Nazism in 30s’ Germany.
  3. Roma – Big fan of Sorrentino’s The Great Beauty and people mention this as an influence so this I must see.
  4. One Man Down – Speaking of Sorrentino I’ve never seen his debut movie so it goes on the list.
  5. Daisy Miller or What’s Up Doc? –Depending on which one I can get hold of there will be a Peter Bogdanovich film present.
  6. Quartet – Merchant-Ivory are unfashionable today. Tarantino publicly dissing them in the early 90s’ probably didn’t help their reputations with younger audiences, but I’ve more time for their best work than his. Besides Quartet has Isabelle Adjani in it
  7. Police Story 3: Supercop – I thought I had seen this because there was a Michelle Yeoh movie titled Supercop for its UK release in the early 90s’ featuring a Jackie Chan cameo but that is apparently a completely different movie.
  8. Wings – Bloody hard to find but I really want to see this 1966 war film by Larisa Sheptiko about a female Soviet fighter pilot
  9. Unnamed Pasolini film. Seen Theorem & his Jesus film but very little else so must make amends.
  10. Hell Comes to Frogtown – I have no idea what this is.
  11. The Damned: Don’t You Wish That We Were Dead – Favourite band as a kid. This documentary came out three years ago and I still haven’t seen it.
  12. La La Land: Was going to see this but went to see XXX: Return of Xander Cage instead.
  13. Tuff Turf: adding this to the list as well. 80s’ teen movie with James Spader as the new kid in town falling out with a local gang of punks. How the hell have I not seen this  but I have seen director Fritz Kiersch’s Cannon produced Italian time-travelling barbarian movie Gor ?

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