CinemaShame is Looking for Contributors!

As devised on Twitter by @campbelldropout and @007hertzrumble through an offhand conversation, Cinema Shame is a website where moviewatchers will post their “Shame Lists” of movies that, goddammit, they should have watched by now. Missing essentials that would incite flabbergast and derision. “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU HAVEN’T SEEN [insert title here]! HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU CALL YOURSELF A MOVIE FAN AND YOU HAVEN’T SEEN [insert title here]?!?

You get the picture.

This is the official call for participants.

We’ll all post our 12-month “maps to redemption.” 12 movies we need to watch, one movie per month. After watching each, we’ll write up a little story about why that movie contributed to our penitence, why we’d never watched it before and some thoughts about the movie after viewing it. Some of us might hold tweet-a-longs for all to join. Some might watch in secret, only revealing our thoughts once written. How you want to contribute is up to you.

If you commit to redemption, follow through! It’s for your own good.

I’ll give each participant a login and password to post through the page. @campbelldropout and @007hertzrumble will moderate just to make sure nobody goes off reservation. Remember despite the inherent Shame of confession, Cinema Shame is ultimately a support group for cinephiles. Join us in Shame.


Contact @007hertzrumble on twitter or email for further details.


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