Sabrina (1954) – The Gold Standard for Romantic Comedy


I got a chance to see this for the first time fully restored in 4K on the big screen next to my wife and friends, with delicious food (courtesy of the Alamo Drafthouse) and comfy seats. The whole experience just overwhelmed me with joy. I went in not knowing a thing about Sabrina beyond who starred in it, and I was rewarded for my ignorance. This film could, and should, be the standard-bearer for all romantic comedies. It contains equal parts whimsy, romance, cleverness, and even darkness (what modern day romantic comedy would have the guts to start the film with the lead actress attempt to commit suicide by asphyxiation?)

It’s no surprise this film has stood the test of time, and it will likely continue to be loved and cherished well into the future. Audrey Hepburn was a gift of an actress, and there is absolutely NO WAY *NOT* to fall in love with her as the eponymous Sabrina. Anyone who’s even remotely hesitant about that will easily be convinced as she’s driven back from the train station by David. The charm and delight is off the charts!

Bogart is predictably Bogart. A real class act and hypnotically cool in a way that no actor I can think of today (save for maybe Bill Murray) can be. That being said… he’s still pretty much playing Bogart.

What a pleasure from beginning to end. So far this whole Cinema Shame thing is working out well for me. Can’t wait for the next one!

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