Enter The Dragon drags on. – By @andrew_cybulska



I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. THIS is the classic that people always talk about? This is the ultimate king-fu movie? Am I missing something? Am I out of touch? I appreciate hammy 70s films, I appreciate the slower pace of old-school martial arts films, and I appreciate this film for what it is… But at what point does the love for this film become hyperbole? At what point does it become a case of nostalgia?

Enter The Dragon takes quite a while to get going while showcasing that Bruce Lee died way too soon (he really is pretty remarkable throughout). The set up and all the back stories are as corny as they come, and I know this is blasphemy, but I felt even the first Mortal Kombat movie did the whole recruitment to a special Kung-Fu tourney on an island thing better. I’m sorry but there it is.

The fights on a whole are pretty great. The camerawork is very interesting and pulls you into the fight (literally with some first person shots.) The dialogue is incredibly, outrageously bad and I get the sense that the actors felt the same way. They did still seem to have fun though, and the final brawl in particular seemed like it was an exciting set to be on.

Overall it was a fine 70s Kung Fu movie… but I just don’t get ‘classic’ from it at all. If that makes me a blasphemer then SO BE IT.

2 1/2 stars out of 5


Shhh… Don’t tell anyone about @Andrew_Cybulska’s List of Shame

“Oh yeah… yeah that movie was great.”

LIAR. I am a BIG. FAT. LIAR. I don’t know that the movie is great, because I’ve never seen it. But how could I admit that to you? How could I possibly admit that to myself? Well enough lies. Enough with the ambiguous talking points based on what I’ve read from other critics. It’s time to make myself more knowledgable on the films that define modern and classic cinema, and it’s time to step out from the darkness into the light.

This is my list of shame…

January – Dr. Strangelove

February – Sabrina

March – Enter the Dragon (to celebrate The Raid 2 coming out)

April – The Godfather

May – The Godfather II

June – The Godfather III

July – Anchorman

August – Taxi Driver

September – Arsenic and Old Lace

October – Psycho

November – Miller’s Crossing

December – It’s a Wonderful Life

It begins this weekend with Dr. Strangelove.

Confession of Shame by @deacon05oc

Twelve Never Seen

by Eric Jones

In my family I am the movie man. I’m the one everyone comes to for Anything cinema related. 9.9 times out of 10 if you ask me if I’ve seen a movie. I’ve seen it. Most of the time if it’s considered a classic, I have seen it. What tends to slip through the cracks are films that are classics of pop culture, those movies that the masses have seen that have become mainstays in common conversation. If someone says they have never seen Star Wars or The Maltese Falcon, it’s no big deal. Yet I incur the wrath of hell for not yet have seeing Pulp Fiction or Anchorman. Well I am here to atone for my film loving sins. Behold this list of 12 that I have never achieved viewership for. I shall view 1 per month and I pray I shall be forgiven by the pop culture masses.

I’m not sure yet on which one I will watch and what the order will be. but some of these I do own and other are currently on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video so I will watch according those schedules as well.

1. Fargo
2. Pulp Fiction
3. Blazing Saddles
4. Enter The Dragon
5. Anchorman
6. White Heat
7. Barbarella
8. The Goonies
9. 3:10 To Yuma (The Original)
10. Friday the 13th (The Original)
11. Old School
12. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation