Episode 5: Rocky / Raquel Stecher


In our first ever Series Shame!, Raquel Stecher (@quellelove) steps into the ring to tussle with the entire six-film ROCKY series. In the first of two very special episodes, Raquel and James (@007hertzrumble, as always) discuss ROCKY I-III and in doing so gush over gooey love stories, sweaty workout montages and surf-laden bromances. As a fitness guru herself, Raquel goes as far to question the effectiveness of Rocky’s training methods. This episode boasts perspectives on Rocky about which even Sly Stallone never dreamed.

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Talking Heads:

James David Patrick (@007hertzrumble) – Host, lover of crazy cinema challenges.

Raquel Stecher (@quellelove) – Classic movie blogger at outofthepastblog.com, fitness guru, cocktail aficionado.

Music Contained in this Podcast:

“Gonna Fly Now” – Bill Conti

“Know How” – Young M.C.

“Eye of the Tiger” – Survivor

Supplementary Materials:

Tin Cup (1996, Ron Shelton)

The Set-Up (1949, Robert Wise) 


Recorded in September 2017.

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