The Dirty Dozen’s New Missions – First Quarter of 2015

Hello again, everyone.

It’s been a hectic month of classic movie watching, and there will be more coming in the immediate future. I’m not sure if any of them will be ending up as essays for this year, but I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one or two of them do. In the meantime, here’s a partial list of this year’s movie watching missions:

January – Devil in a Blue Dress (1995) – Mission Completed

February – Frozen (2013)

March – Safety Last! (1923)

April – Sister My Sister (1994)

May – TBD

June – TBD

July – TBD

August – TBD

September – TBD

October – Se7en (1995) (2014 catchup)/2015 TBD

November – Mean Streets (1973) (2014 catchup)/2015 TBD

December – TBD

There are some very strong candidates that are going to go into the list; it’s just a question of where to put them. I shall also be filing essays for all the 2014 titles which I failed to write. So next month I’ll be including an essay for Taxi Driver.

See you in a few weeks with February’s essays!

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